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Run For Good

We invite you to join hands with fellow runners at this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore who will be dedicating their run to raise funds towards worthy causes. box

What's Your Reason To Run?

  • Some say "you can't run away from your problems", but I tell them "yes I CAN!"

    Yock Miin
  • I run because I want to and I run because I CAN!!!

  • I run so that I can still run 40 years from now.

    Tei Laine
  • Running 21k to prove myself that at 49, I still have strength and endurance to cope with this travail.

  • Training for the day my son joins me in a marathon!

  • If I can conquer the marathon, I can conquer the hurdles in life!

    Phua Fa Guang
  • I run because I enjoy the challenge and I want to continue challenging myself until my body tells me enough.

    Neerajvimal s/o Haridasan
  • I run for the fun and the crowd, to immerse myself into the atmosphere. Chill Out...!

  • To challenge myself, to believe everything is possible if we do not give up upon ourselves :)

    Joel Wong
  • I want to challenge myself for this race with the essence of determination and patience.




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