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Run For Good Charity Programme

We invite you to join hands with fellow runners at this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2013 who will be dedicating their run to raise funds towards worthy causes.

At last year’s event, hundreds of runners helped raised over S$150,000 for local charities. Imagine the positive impact we can create this year if every runner pledges to be a part of the Run For Good Charity Programme.

We are sure that you will experience that amazing feeling when you cross the finish line, knowing that your run has helped bring smiles to the lives of many!

This year, Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore is partnering with GIVE to encourage you to run for your favourite local charity. You can get your friends, family members and colleagues involved in an easy way by creating your own online fundraising page on GIVE Asia website.

If you need help or have any other questions on how to get started, please feel free to contact GIVE at +65 9776 1543


Seeding Hope, Changing Lives

No one knows the power of sport better than a marathoner. Going the distance makes you feel good. If you want to feel even better about your race, run for something good in the world. Run for SportCares. We create sports programming to improve the lives of children, families and communities in need. We link beneficiaries, passionate volunteers and community-spirited donors to bring out the best in everyone.

SportCares offers sports programming interwoven with values and character development, educational support and life-skills training. We offer a safe environment with role-model coaches and volunteers who believe in the power of sport to help transform lives. We run intervention programmes that teach the finer points of the game and of life through sports. Our lessons go beyond the track. These are values for life: an appreciation for teamwork, respect for leadership, commitment to purpose, discipline in thinking and discipline in action.

With $1,000, SportCares can feed 100 kids at our Saturday Night Lights football programme for 10 weeks. So, they won’t have to go home hungry after all that healthy exercise.

With $2,000 we can bus the kids to and from the stadium to home for 10 weeks. So, we don’t have to worry about them going home in the dark.

With $2,500 you can fund a workshop for student leaders to work with younger children, teaching them good values and character development. So, the students learn the skills and resilience they will need to face the future.

With $5,000 we can hire licensed coaches with great experience and the best attitudes for working with youth in need. And, the kids can discover how good they can be, not simply in Sport but in life.

Ready to help us do more?

Whether you are a runner or supporter, you can join the SportCares Movement by volunteering your time, playing on Team SportCares or donating to an excellent cause through (All donations to SportCares above $50 will generate at tax credit of 2.5 times the original amount for the donor) So donate to SportCares help someone else discover their winning spirit. Your generous donation will change people’s lives for the better in years to come.

Finally, if you know someone or a group that could do with a helping hand from SportCares, please reach us to us through Seeding Hope, Changing Lives.