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The Ekiden, a concept which originally began in Japan, is a hugely popular running format. Teams of six runners bring their training and teamwork together to complete 42.195km.

The first participant of the team will begin the relay at the same start point and time as the Marathon participants. Each team member will run a section of the marathon, passing the team sash to their next teammate at each of the five Ekiden points. There will be a total of 300 teams.


General Race information

Flag Off

  • Flag off with Marathon runners at Orchard Road, 4.30am
  • All First Ekiden Runners will start within Pen B (Sub 3hrs 30mins – Marathon)

Race Timing

Order of Race
The suffix on the bib denotes the runner’s position in the order of the relay, e.g.E001-1, E001-2 to E001-6. Do ensure that the runner is running in the correct leg.


At any Ekiden Point, the station will shut down 15 minutes after the last marathon runner passes or arrival of the rear sweeper vehicle of the main race.


Bus Shuttle to Start/Baggage Points

Ekiden Runner Bus Timing Drop-off Location
02:00am – 03:00am
SCAPE (Orchard Road)
Stadium Crescent – opposite
Kallang Leisure Park
(Open Car Park 4)

Note: Runners who make their own way to Ekiden points will be responsible for their own baggage.

Baggage Opening Hours

Runner Baggage Deposit Form-Up Location
1st Runner
from 02:30am to 04:00am
Orchard Road
2nd to 6th Runner
Kallange Leisure Park,
Open Carpark 4 from
02:30am to 04:30am
Proceed to various locations
via shuttle service

Note: Runners who make their own way to Ekiden points will be responsible for their own baggage.

Reporting Place

The 1st runner will report at Orchard Start Point, Pen B (see image below). 2nd to 6th runner will report at Kallang Leisure Park for shuttle bus services to their respective locations.

Shuttle Service (to various Ekiden points)

Runner Bus Departure Time Pickup Point Drop Off Point
03:30am – 03:50am
Stadium Crescent

(opposite Kallang Leisure Park carpark 4)

Central Boulevard Open Field (opposite Ekiden Point 2)
03:45am – 04:05am
Katong Park (along Fort Road)
walk over to ECP Carpark B1 Ekiden Point 3
04:00am – 04:20am
ECP Service Road (Car Park F3)
opposite Ekiden Point 4 
04:15am – 04:35am
ECP Service Road (after ECP Exit A7)
walk over to ECP Carpark F1 Ekiden Point 5
04:30am – 04:50am
Sims Way (at the junction of Nicoll Highway)
walk over to Ekiden Point 6

During Race

The changeover flow is shown as below:

ekiden relay


Shuttle Service

Ekiden Point Pick Up Point Drop-Off Point Time Starts Time End
Central Boulevard Open Field (opposite Ekiden Point 2)
Katong Park (along Fort Road)
ECP Service Road (after Exit A7)
ECP Service Road (after ECP Exit A7)
walk over to ECP Carpark F1 Ekiden Point 5
Stadium Drive (bus bay)
Walk over from Ekiden Point 6

Prize Money

Position Team (S$)
1st $2,000
2nd $1,500
3rd $1,000

Finisher’s Tee & Medals

Finisher’s Tees

  1. Collate and write down quantity of preferred sizes in the boxes on the Ekiden team’s last runner’s bib with a Waterproof/Permanent Marker.
  2. Pass the bib to the Volunteers at the AWA area.
  3. Please note that sizes are first come first serve basis.

Finisher’s Medals

  1. Separate collection area at the Padang.
  2. Finisher’s medals can only be collected with exchange of the team sash by the 6th runner of the team.

EKIDEN BIB - Finisher Tee Collection

Rules and Regulations

  1. To qualify for official placing, each Ekiden runner is not allowed to run more than one leg of the race. Eg. team members running in place of absentees on race day
  2. No changes to the Order of Relay will be allowed once finalised.
  3. No substituting of runners
  4. Any runner that fails to “connect” with his preceding teammate will be allowed to continue the run but will be disqualified.
  5. Runners who take a short-cut will be allowed to continue the run but will be disqualified.
  6. If the runner forgets to bring the bib, they will not be allowed to participate in the race and will be disqualified.
  7. If the previous runner did not reach the next changeover point, the others are allowed to continue the race but are disqualified.
  8. Non-finishers
    • 8hr diversion/cut off is also applicable to Ekiden runners. Any teams caught in the 8hr diversion will be classified as DNF (non- finishers) hence DQ (disqualified).
    • Succeeding runners that failed to get the sash from or “connect” with preceding teammates (due to diversions, dropouts etc.) will be allowed to continue the run but the team will still be deemed as DNF.
  9. Official Timing Pre-requisites
    • Last runner must cross the finish line with sash and race chip intact
    • Sash will be removed at any point of disqualification. Eg, station shutdown, after road diversion and/or technical infringement
  10. Shut Down
    • At any Ekiden changing points, station will be shut down 15mins after the last runner (main race) passes OR arrival of rear sweeper vehicle of main race OR when diversion/cut off is in effect

Race Entry Pack Collection

One member of the Ekiden Team is to head to Ekiden Team collection counters to collect a bundle of 6 race entry packs on behalf of their team. No individual collection is allowed. The Race Entry Pack includes:

  • 6 x Race bibs
  • 1 x D-Tag
  • 1 x Sash

Team member is required to produce the following documentation upon request from the counter staff:

  • Registration confirmation slip
  • NRIC/Passport/Photo ID (for runners in all adult race categories)

Non-team member is required to produce:

  • Registration confirmation slip of the Ekiden Team Leader’
  • Copy of Ekiden Team Leader’s NRIC/Passport/Photo ID
  • Original NRIC/Passport/Photo ID of person collecting on behalf

For more information, click here.