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FAQ – Ekiden

What is the Ekiden (42.195km)?

The Ekiden is a team relay, whereby six participants (of mixed or same gender) will complete in six stages of unequal distances, totalling 42.195km. The Ekiden is a big event in Japan and other parts of the world such as the United States of America and Australia. Following the successful organisation of the first Ekiden in Singapore at the SCMS 2010, this will be the seventh time we will be having the Ekiden race category.

How does the Ekiden work?

The first participant of the team will start at the same time as the participants for the Marathon. At the first changeover point, the second participant of the same team will receive a sashfrom the first participant; this relay will continue until the sixth / last participant of the team finishes the race.

Each of these six stages of the relay will not be of equal distance but will total up to 42.195km. Please note that any participant of the team who run out of the designated lanes for the Ekiden will be disqualified.

Do all six participants of the Ekiden assemble at the same location?

The first participant of the team will assemble at the Marathon start point, the other participants of the team will report at their respective changeover point.
Please check http://www.marathonsingapore.com/ekiden for more information.

Will transportation be provided back to the finish point for the first to fifth participant of each team after they have completed their designated race distances for the Ekiden?

Yes,.Please check http://www.marathonsingapore.com/ekiden for more information.

How will the winning team of the Ekiden be determined, and will all six participants receive the Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s T-shirt and Finisher’s Certificate?

The first team with its sixth participant crossing the finish line with the relay sash will be declared the winning team, unless technical disputes such as a loss of timing device halfway through the race arise.
Each participant of the Ekiden will receive a Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s T-shirt and Finisher’s Electronic-Certificate (Finisher’s Electronic-Certificate will be available online for download on the Official Website once the race results are released) with their team’s 42.195km “Gun Time”.

Only the sixth participant of each team will be allowed to collect the above mentioned items on behalf of his / her team, upon presentation of the Race Bib after the finish line, at the Athlete’s Welfare Area. Finisher’s T-shirt sizes are based on availability and are issued on a first-come-first-served basis.

If my friends and I take part in the Ekiden, but he / she is not feeling well on race day, can we run the extra distance to cover for him / her, or substitute him / her with another participant, to complete the race?

No. This relay must consist of the six registered participants, each taking part in the respective stages.

All teams are not allowed to substitute any team members or have any member of the team run more than a leg of the race. Any violation of the above mentioned restrictions by any participant will result in an immediate disqualification of the whole team.

In the interest of the runners’ wellbeing and safety, the Organiser strictly prohibits and strongly discourages the sale, exchange and transfer of race entries. This is because Race Bibs contains the registered runner’s medical information and emergency contacts, which is important for the medical teams to provide immediate medical assistance should an accident occur.

For more information, please write in to info@marathonsingapore.com.

 How can I register my team for the Ekiden race?

The team leader must register his/her team on http://register.marathonsingapore.com. He/she needs to fill in the names, e-mail address and contact numbers of his/her other five team members. Once payment has been done by the team leader, each team member will receive an e-mail with a unique link allowing them to enter their own personal details. No further payment for registration fee is required from team members. Teams with members who have not completed their registration details will not receive their race packs and will not be allowed to join the race on 4 December 2016.

What if I’m unable to confirm my team members at the point of registration?

Team members are able to use the unique link (sent via email for members to complete their runner details) to input their registration details. The unique link also allows team members to change their registration details; hence race registrations are at this point, “transferrable”. However, once the team member’s registration details have been successfully submitted and confirmed, his/her race registration is strictly non-transferrable.

After registering for all the members in my team for the Ekiden category, can I add another member, remove a member or change one of the members in my team at a later date?

No. Race registrations are non-transferable upon completion and submission of runner details (successful registration) using the unique link sent to them through the confirmation email.

What if we decide to change the order of runners for race day after registration?

Team Leaders are allowed to change their team relay order up till 16th October 2016, 23:59hrs. After which, change of team relay order is not allowed. Team Leaders can do so by logging in into their participant success page.