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Marathon Etiquette

General Tips

Line up in the correct position. Allow the faster runners to the front of the start line, and the slower runners to the back. We’ve all seen the guy who sprints out from the start only to stand, hands on hips, a few hundred metres into the race. Don’t be that guy.

Don’t obstruct other runners

  1. There’s no shame in slowing down. If you need to stop to have a breather, move to the left so that you don’t obstruct other runners and cause congestion.
  2. If you’re running with a group, try not to run more than two abreast, so others can pass you.
  3. Use caution when running into the water stations and ensure you’re not cutting off other runners or spilling water on them. If you’re going to stop or slow down to walk to the water stop, make sure there’s not a runner directly behind you.
  4. Look back before you turn into the running traffic.
  5. Don’t lunge for the water and gels. We won’t run out.
  6. After you have reached the finish line, continue moving forward until you steer clear of the other runners. The drinks and snacks are in front of you so keep moving!
  7. We want you to have a memorable experience. But if you’re going to stop and take photos or update your Facebook status along the route, be considerate and don’t block anyone’s path.

Safety is a Priority

  1. Lend help to runners who need medical assistance, call for help and alert the race officials along the race route immediately. Don’t leave the other runner to fend for him/herself.

Be Considerate

  1. Running a Marathon isn’t exactly the ideal time for socialising. Please refrain from engaging in group conversations while running as they can cause congestion.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the specific rules and regulations of the event so you’re aware of everything on race day. This is key for our Ekiden runners!
  3. If you need to pour water over your head to cool down, do so somewhere away from the water point so that you don’t pour onto others as well.
  4. When you are overtaking, let the person you are passing know to give them the  heads up.

Do not litter

  1. After drinking at the various stations, please dispose the cup in the bins provided so the route isn’t covered in rubbish.
  2. When you approach each aid station, single out a volunteer through simple gestures to let them know you want the drink or snack.

Show Appreciation to Volunteers, Supporters and other runners

  1. Show appreciation to the volunteers by saying “thank you”. Wave your hand, high five them or just give them any simple gesture to acknowledge their effort.
  2. If a fellow participant acknowledges you along the way, give some love right back. Be part of the special SCMS spirit!