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Visiting Singapore

A very warm welcome to all runners!

This year, the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014 will not only offer you a great run in the tropics, it will also let you experience the cultural and economic diversity that is uniquely Singapore. So get ready to race alongside 54,000 runners through iconic landmarks that line the city. With so much to take in, your legs won’t even feel it. Enjoy!


Be it the bus, Mass Rapid Transport (MRT), Light Rail Transit (LRT) or taxi, getting around Singapore is a breeze. Tourists can purchase a Singapore Tourist Pass from selected Transitink Ticket Offices. This will allow you unlimited rides on all public transport including the MRT, LRT and basic bus services.

The MRT system is probably the fastest way to get around other than the taxis. Besides being one of the cleanest transport systems in the world, the MRT provides scenic views of our heartland and city areas, with great access to almost every part of Singapore. You can download the train route map from www.smrt.com.sg and use it to navigate your way around our island.

You should be able to hail a taxi without any problems in most parts of Singapore. You may want to remember though, that vehicles are not allowed to wait or even stop at parts of the roads with painted double yellow or jagged lines. It is always best to get a taxi from one of the numerous taxi stands at hotels and shopping malls.


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Visit the official Singapore Tourism website for more events and attractions.